Credit Card Processors

We work with a number of credit card processors. If you're not familiar with the way credit cards work from the merchants perspective, there's a description of the process, here.

Currently, we have interfaces with the following processors:

We receive a referral fee from, PayPal, Secure Pay and Wells Fargo if you sign up with them:

AuthorizeNet - Click here  to sign up with them.

This is one of the leading credit card processors. A majority of our clients use the service. They are very reliable nd have a very user friendly virtual terminal. They support wireless transactions if you want to connect wirelessly, like at trade shows, etc.

PayPal - click here for a free account

Sign up is free and they have a relatively low cost per transaction. to sign up for PayPal if you're not already a PayPal Merchant. We have introduced PayPal Express Checkout which allows your customers to check out with a minimum amount of effort. We also provide PayPal Pro checkout where PayPal will act as a merchant account with very competitive rates. We also support PayPal Payflo Pro payment processing.

Google Checkout - Sign up Here.

Google Checkout is a service similar to PayPal. Google is running a promotion through 2007 that allows you to process orders with no merchant account fees. After 2007 their fees will rise to a normal level.

Secure Pay - Learn About Secure Pay here.

Lowest signup cost of anyone I've seen. It's only $75 for the application fee and their transaction charges and monthly fees are competitive with everyone else.

Wells Fargo Secure Source

Find out more about the Wells Fargo service here.  We are compatible with the SecureSourceSM WebPayment Suite and the SecureSourceSM WebPayment Account through the AuthorizeNet gateway.

ACH Direct

Provides Automated Clearing House (EFT) transactions for a very nominal rate. If you want to do EFT with your customers this works well. The can verify that a bank account exists and there's money in the account.


Card Service is one of the oldest and largest credit card processors.


You can sign up for a test account here, or better yet, contact their sales department to get an account, here.


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