Make it easy for your customers to buy again and again!

Selling whether it's online or in person is about making it easy to buy.

I've been selling products both in person and online for many years. One of the many lessons I've learned is to make it as easy as possible to buy. If you talk to any successful sales person they will tell you exactly the same thing.

Customer tracking makes it easy for your repeat customers to buy from you. We remember their name and address information and automatically fill it in when they come back. Saving them time and typing - reducing errors as well.

In addition, we now offer "Reorder". This means that your can put a button or link on your web site that allows your customer to reorder their last order. This means that with one click your customer can order the same thing they did last time. We maintain all the customer information, except the credit card, on our server to allow your customer to check out in record time.