1CartPlus Basic Monthly Service

Here's what you get with 1CartPlus

You're going to find that you have the  tools you need to start selling online immediately!

Five Minute Setup

Setup can take as little as five minutes with our "Five minutes setup". Depending on how many items you want in catalog, if any, and how much time you want to spend making our shopping cart look exactly like you site. If you do a lot of fine tuning it will take longer, but the results will be extraordinary.


You don't have to worry about the security of your customers' information. We take care of all that with our secure servers and secure (ssl) connections when we collect your customers' information. If your interested, there's more information about 1CartPlus' Security.

Easy integration with your web site

One of the great things you'll love about 1CartPlus is how easily it integrates with your site. There are two very simple ways you can connect with 1CartPlus. You can use our catalog which only requires one simple link from your site to your catalog on 1CartPlus. Or, you can host all your items on your site and use simple "Buy Now" links from your site to your 1CartPlus shopping cart. Here's more information about setting up the simple Buy Now links.

Manage from anywhere

You can manage your 1CartPlus cart from anywhere in the world, any time of the day or night with a normal browser. Once you log in to 1CartPlus you have all your options available that you can change at will. In addition, you can monitor your sales, your affiliate programs and your auto-mail lists while you're logged in. Everything is at your fingertips from anywhere.

Email Notification

When and order is completed you'll receive an email from 1CartPlus notifying you of the order. You can optionally send an email to your fulfillment house, if you're using one, so they can fill the order.

In addition, we send a notification to your customer advising them of what was ordered and how much was spent.

Free Support

The support you receive from 1CartPlus will set the standard for what you'll expect from everyone else. Our clients rave about level of support they receive whether the contact is on the phone or via Email.

We're here to support you and to help you succeed with your efforts. We recognize the without you we don't have a business.

Real Time Credit Card Processing

We provide secure real time credit card processing. This means that your customers' credit card will be verified while they are online. You'll know when you receive an order that the card has been authorized and the funds are available. Here are the credit card processors we currently support

If you have EFT services with your credit card processor you'll find excellent support for that as well.

We also provide an interface to PayPal, PayPal Express Checkout PayPal Pro, and Google Checkout.

Notification of Abandoned Carts

One of the exclusive services we provide is an email notification when a shopping cart has been abandoned. As you're probably aware abandoned shopping carts are a serious problem on the web. This is one of the steps we take to help you recover sales that may be lost. You can find more information about Abandoned Carts and how you can reprocess the order after you've contacted your customer.

Abandoned Cart Pop Up

Another of the exclusive service we offer is the ability to add a Pop Up to your shopping cart so that if someone leaves before completing the order they will see your pop up. Your pop up can as why they're leaving and or what it would take to get their order. You should also include your phone number, especially and 800 number so they can contact you easily. You can also include a space for them to enter their email address or phone number so you can respond. Here's a sample of what the pop up could look like.

Real Time UPS® Rates and Service

If you ship with UPS, you can show your customers the exact shipping for their purchase. When they check out, we connect to UPS's web site and get the exact rate for the service your customer has selected. You can add an additional service charge if you wish and it will be automatically included in the rate your customer sees.

Accept Checks Online - Deposit into your bank account

One of the payment options that's available is having your customers enter their bank account information and then you can print a check on your printer and deposit it into your account. This is the least expensive way to receive payments from your customers. There is an initial expense of $139.95 for the program that will print the checks, but after that there's only the cost of the check stock which is about five cents a check. The one disadvantage of this approach is that the account may be non-existent or incorrect. We do validate that the bank transit number passes a validity check.

Ad Tracking - Keep track of your ads and sales

If you advertise on Google, Overture or one of the other pay per click advertising venues, you want to know how you're doing for the money your spending. You can track each of your ads through your 1CartPlus account and see exactly how much you're making from each of your ads.

You even have the ability to show different pages when your customer clicks on the link. This allows you, for example, to try up to three different pages and measure the results for these pages. You can then determine which one is working best so your maximize your return on investment.

Custom Look and Feel

Your 1CartPlus cart can be customized so your customers will not know that they've left your site. You can set fonts, font sizes, colors, backgrounds, and logos. It's all part of the set up process.

Your 1CartPlus Hosted Catalog

One thing that makes it easy to get started is the 1CartPlus catalog. You can have up to 15 pages with up to 15 items per page. And, it's free. With each item you can include a thumbnail image and a larger image, two different optional selections, like size and color, a short description (this is what shows on your customer's receipt) and a longer description of why they should buy the product. You can build and maintain your catalog online or you can import it as described below.

Don't Get Ripped Off

Even if you don't use our catalog to display your items you will find it valuable to use the catalog to store your items. When you use a link from your web site to 1CartPluss order page your customer can change the information in the link. Things like the price! So, if your item sells for $100 your customer could change that to $1 quite easily.

On the other hand, if you use the 1CartPlus catalog, you only send a link the to order page specifying a catalog item by SKU. The price, description, weight, and so on are stored in the catalog away from your customer's ability to modify it. This means they can't rip you off.

Additionally, the catalog is used for the reorder process because the price of the item your customer ordered last may have changed. We use the catalog to update them to the latest price.  

Import Catalog Items

It's easy to import items into your 1CartPlus catalog. If you use QuickBooks you can export your catalog from QuickBooks and import it directly into your 1CartPlus catalog. If you don't use QuickBooks you can set up a simple spread sheet and import it into 1CartPlus.

Automatic Calculation of Sales Tax

You can easily set up your 1CartPlus cart to calculate the sales tax for your state. Just select the state from a list of states and enter the percentage to collect. It's that simple.