Recurring Payments

If you need to bill your customers on a regular basis you'll find that our recurring payments feature is flexible enough to fill all your needs. More info about recurring billing

Auto Responders

Keeping in touch with your prospects and your clients can be a real challenge. You'll find the 1CartPlus AutoMail is a flexible solution to your problems. Learn more about our auto responder

As an Entrepreneur That Needs a Solution, We Have What You Need.

You need a one-stop solution to all your requirements for selling online. That's why we're 1CartPlus. You're going to find all the features you need to sell your products, collect the money, market to your prospects and customers, fulfill your orders, and keep track of your money.

Let me tell you about all the great features you'll find with 1CartPlus:

  • You can create simple Add To Cart button links on your web page or you can use our catalog to sell your items.
  • Set up the cart to match your web site. You can set the colors, logos, fonts, and so on to exactly match the look and feel of your web site.
  • You'll find numerous merchant account interfaces including:; Card Service (LinkPoint); PayPal; PayPal Pro; PayPal Express Checkout; and Google Payments.
  • As an alternative to setting up all your products or services on your web site you can use our catalog that will allow you to store up to 3,000 items. The items can be entered online or they can be uploaded from spreadsheet or from your QuickBooks item file.
  • You can offer multiple payment terms to your customer just like JVC and Shopping Network. More info...
  • You can offer a "30 day trial" period and automatically bill your customer at the end of 30 days. You can bill shipping immediately or at the end of 30 days. More about Recurring Billing.
  • You can also use Recurring Billing to set up a membership site, set up a subscription site and "refill" your customer's original purchase. More information about Recurring Billing at 1CartPlus is available.
  • Our Affiliate Management Program gives you the ability to manage your affiliates and give them the tools they need to become successful and make you successful.  You can even have different levels of affiliates paying the "Super Affiliates" at a different rate than your other affiliates. Learn more about affiliate management.
  • Use our AutoMail module to develop a relationship with your prospects and customers. You can send occasional emails like a newsletter or you can set up a series of emails to entice your prospect to buy or as customer follow up to help them use your product. More info...
  • Ad Tracking is one of our most powerful modules because it is a window into your visitor's mind. You can see what he or she used as a search term and how long they spent on your sales page. You can determine if some of your search terms aren't delivering the quality visitors you want. More about Ad Tracking
  • Recurring Billing allow you to have a trial period, bill multiple payments like the Home Shopping Network, set up a membership site, set up a subscription site and "refill" your customer's original purchase. More information about Recurring Billing at 1CartPlus is available.
  • Abandoned Cart Notification sends you an email when a customer has started the checkout process and doesn't finish it. This means that you can contact the customer to follow up and find out why they didn't finish the process. There's a link in your control panel that will allow you to finish the order for your customer. So, what does this mean to you... More money in Your pocket!
  • Digital Downloads give you the ability to fulfill your customer's order immediately via a digital download. More about 1CartPlus Digital Downloads.
  • Build your own custom check out page so you get an exact match to your sales page AND get all the other benefits of 1CartPlus. We call it "Pro" Checkout.
  • Coupons and Quantity discounts allow you to give hyour customers and prospects an incentive purchase more of your product or service. More info...
  • Affiliate programs are designed to be easy to set up and to improve your bottom line. Also, check out "offline" affiliates. More about affiliate programs.
  • Upsell your customers automatically with a simple command that sends your customer back to an upsell page on your web site once they've finished checking out. Discover how an upsell will improve your sales.
  • Give your customer the convenience of one click re-order. Learn about it here.
  • In addition to the normal email notification of orders, orders can be sent directly to you or your fulfillment houses server. Just enter the URL you want your orders sent to and they will automatically be sent every time an order is completed.
  • Keep track of your accounting automatically. 1CartPlus features a desktop integration with QuickBooks that imports your orders directly into QuickBooks. You just open QuickBooks, open the 1CartPlus desktop, enter your User Id and Password and in seconds your orders are automatically downloaded into QuickBooks. All the customers, items, and either Invoices or Sales Receipts are automatically created. It doesn't get any simpler than this.
  • Another desktop option is either printing shipping labels or importing the names and addresses of your orders into Stamps dot com so that you can print shipping labels with postage and simplify the order fulfillment process.
  • If you use UPS Worldship you'll find an interface that imports your shipments into WorldShip so you can get your shipments ready for pickup by the UPS driver or for drop off at the UPS shipping center.


1StopEcom can meet all your needs, both now and in the future as you grow and need more features, we're here to serve you.
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