Automail - Your Solution to Keeping in Touch With Your Prospects and Your Customers

You'll find AutoMail is a flexible sequential auto-responder that gives you the capability to deliver a series of messages automatically or send occasional messages to members of your list.

Your list of sequential messages can be anywhere from one message to hundreds of messages reliably sent in the sequence and timeframe you specify.

Your message can either be text or HTML messages.

List Flexibility

You can have as many different lists as you need to segregate prospects and customers into different lists based on their area of interest.

You might have a list for prospects that are interested in one of your products and another list for people that are interested in a different product. One list for each of your products or services.

When someone buys one of your products you can either assign them to a general list of purchasers or you can have them added to a list based on the product they purchased. The choice is yours.

When you're adding prospects to a list via an opt-in page, you can either send them to a script at 1CartPlus that will add them to the list you specify or you can send an email with their information to a special email address and they will be added to your list.


Ocassional Messages

You can send occasional messages like newsletters and special sale announcements or anything that you want.

You can send a message to one list or multiple lists. The 1CartPlus System is smart enough to only send one message to a person that may be on more than one list so you don't have to worry about one of your list members being bombarded with more than one message.