How to Set Up Affiliate Programs to Improve Your Bottom Line

You'll find the Affiliate Program allow you to set up one or more affiliate programs to get other people sending business to your web site. You can pay your affiliates either a percentage of the sale or a flat rate for a sale or just a click.

You can set up different affiliate programs for different levels of producers. For example, you might have "normal" sites that you pay 40% of the sale and "super" affiliates that you pay 60% of the sale because the send you so much business.

Offline affiliates

Offline affiliates are another way to use an affiliate program. Offline affiliates are stores, for example, that sell to your target market, but don't have a web site. The send people to your web site with a "coupon code" that identifies the affiliate that sent you the customer so they get credit for the sale. The coupon give the customer free shipping or a discount on the product they are purchasing.