Ad Tracking

You can keep accurate track of your advertising no matter which search engine you're advertising on.  As a matter of fact, you can be advertising anywhere and keep track of the clicks you're receiving from each ad.

In addition to tracking the clicks you're getting from the ads, you also, can see the number of sales and the amount of the sales from each of your sales. This is better and more accurate than Google because you're tracking actual sales that are tracked through the shopping cart and even though we have the ability have the Google (and other search engine) tracking code in the "Thank You" page sometimes the cookie from Google (and the other search engines) doesn't get tracked correctly and Google doesn't register the sale.

You're also going to see the number of abandoned carts and the sales from those abandoned carts that have been lost. The value of this is you can see how your sales are to the number of people that have not completed the process. If the ratio is high further investigation needs to be done to figure out why.

One of the most powerful features of the Ad Tracking module is ability to see how long people are staying on your pages for each of the key phrases they getting to your pages with.

Now, you may ask yourself "how does that help me?" and that's a good question.

I'll give you an example from my own experience. I also sell estimating software to contractors. At one point I was spending about $5,000 a month on Google Ads. Once I created this tool I came to the realization that about 2/3 of my spending was being wasted. I found that as an example one of the phrases I was using "Construction Estimate" was being keyed in not by contractors, but by people looking for an estimate on work they wanted done on their houses.

That's only one example of a number of key phrases that I was using that were getting "Bad Clicks" that were costing me money and not delivering any results. I was getting great click through ratios, but not making any money.  By the way, my Google click through ratio for many of these "bad" key phrases was excellent averaging over 5%. So I was adding insult to injury.

You see a video of an ad key phrase analysis I did here



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